CFB (Curry, Football, Beer) Mondays!

By Tom Burnett |
21st October 2016

What’s the best triumvirate? Alcohol, music and dance? Very enjoyable, but the potential for catastrophe is too high. Fish, chips and mushy peas? Excellent, but once the aggressive expansion kicks in, the novelty wares off…fast. No, the best triumvirate is this; football, curry and beer, that’s non-negotiable! It’s convenient then that Nook Sports Bar offers just that. And you’re not going to believe this, it gets better, it’s going to be available every Premiership Monday evening…what a wonderful establishment.

Watching the greatest game ever played is bliss. Watching it with a beer is luxury. Not only does the passion escalate, your punditry skills increase ten fold hitting the point where we are all more insightful than the man being payed £100,000 a week. Why is he playing him CB when he’s a natural CAM?…Why? Curry meanwhile is the perfect antidote to the raging appetite brought on by the amber nectar.

So, as you’re enjoying the game with a great view thanks to the three screens, you’ll have beside you a bucket containing two beers. You will then choose a curry from a variety of regular curries as well as some surprises. These are knocked up by chef Asharaf Valapil, finalist in this year’s Curry Life Magazine Awards. 

Never has a Monday been so exciting!

CFB Monday’s will take place every Premiership Monday evening.

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