JKS Restaurants Launch Motu

By Tom Burnett |
17th October 2016

There is a ceaseless gratification ordering and eating takeaway. Firstly, you don’t have to cook; praise the Lord. Secondly; usually the food entailed is a refreshing departure from routine and traditional tea’s. And thirdly, the taste and fulfilment of the grub cannot be replicated, whether that be pizza, Chinese or, pertinently; Indian. So, we’ve established a takeaway is good, no, great, and you’re excited thinking about one now.

With that in mind it’s time for you to take a breath and if possible a seat, because an Indian delivery service is opening this month. It’s called Motu, a name derived from the Hindi term ‘Fat man’; a sensational start. To those who are sensitive, calm yourself, it’s an affectionate term. Now for the best bit; Motu comes courtesy of the Sethis, the family behind Michelin-starred Gymkhana and Trishna and award-winning Hoppers. This delivery service is going to be unashamedly indulgent; hallelujah! 

The home style Indian food will pay homage to the British love of a classic Indian takeaway, as well as the dabbawalas of India, who deliver packaged meals to workers across Indian cities. With that in mind Motu will be serve feast boxes containing one classic Indian curry, biryani or mixed grill and a selection of fixed sides and condiments. Additional mains and sides can also be ordered…if you want to live up to the name. 

Motu Indian Kitchen will be opening on the 17th October.


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