The Handbook
The Handbook

This winter in West London, a forest will emerge! Not just any forest, a mystical forest… a Nordic, mystical forest. And it won’t be on the ground, it will be nestled between terra firma and the stars. Winter is coming, so Pergola On the Roof is settling in on the roof of the former television centre once again for the dark days, turning misery into magic and cold into comfort.

Walk along the deep-bark forest flooring to dine and drink at the dark, oak table-tops and bar. This is a no-holds barred approach, (the only way Incipio Events, the team behind Pergola On the Roof know how to do it) with thick growth of holly, ivy and delicate winter flowers adorning the area to complete the transformation into the enchanting Scandinavian wilderness.

This idyllic winter scene will create a comforting getaway, not only through the scenery, but also through the food. Pergola will once again will be welcoming a selection of London’s much-loved restaurants and street food traders, you’ll find burger legends Patty & Bun, London’s only Danish restaurant Snaps & Rye, Indian kitchen Gunpowder and creators of Middle-Eastern and Asian gourmet kebabs, Le Bab.

Won’t it be cold though? A valid question. Answer: no. This enchanted forest will be housed beneath a clear walled, weatherproof dome which retains the heat to maximise cosiness on those winter evenings.

Pergola On The Roof returns with the Winters Nordic, mystical forest setting on the 3rd November and will run for 7 weeks.