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The Handbook

Everyone’s Mum makes the best Sunday lunch, that’s gospel! Anyone who says otherwise is committing blasphemy and should be punished accordingly… The scent of your Mum’s roast billowing from the kitchen, stroking your nostrils is the stuff of dreams, and the roast potatoes, Yorkshire puddings and gravy are laced with comfort and reassurance. But not all have their Mums in pop-round distance, and if you do, she still needs an afternoon off. Here’s what you’re going to do when that comes to pass, get your roast-demanding stomach down to Tanner & Co.

The restaurant situated in vibrant Bermondsey is launching a bottomless roast. I’ll give you a minute to pick your jaws up off the floor. We all know that feeling when you’ve eaten a fair amount and then the dreaded happens…aggressive expansion! Once swallowed, it feels as though the food is swelling exponentially until the point you actually look like you’re a good six months pregnant. You should be leaving here with that feeling, if you don’t, you haven’t done it right.

The Bottomless Roast is a continuation from Tanner from their bottomless brunch. This is what’s being served up…in abundance. Bounteous plates of pink, roast beef will act as the focal point, and supporting will be a mountain of goose fat roasties, copious amounts of Yorkshire’s, a plethora of honey roasted veg and seasonal greens and of course to top it off, a stream of proper gravy.

Take a helmet and shin-pads with you because although you’ll be walking in, you’ll be rolling home! 

Bottomless Sunday Roast launches at Tanner & Co on Sunday 16th October