‘Taking in everything’. This is just one of the definitions of ‘omnivore’, the others didn’t sound so dramatic, therefore they’re useless. Consider the definition for a minute. Now add food into the equation. It leads to one thing, and one thing only…gluttony. So being presented with the idea of an omnivorous party, well, we were dancing on the ceiling and needless to say, leapt on board. 

The Omnivorous Party is just one part of Omnivore Festival, I know, it just keeps getting better. Omnivore is a travelling festival which showcases chefs from around the world, exploring the boundaries of each local culinary scene – established favourites as well as new talent – this year’s line-up includes Frenchie, Som Saa and Padella with guest appearances from Nuno Mendes and Tom Aikens. But back to the party. Let me assure you it is exactly what your imaging it to be, well possibly not exactly, but in essence. We’re looking at quantity, quality and variety. This is what’s going to happen; 15 of London’s leading chefs are going to cook at the same time, in that moment destroying the notion of ‘too many cooks’, with one swing of the griddle pan. Each will create an exclusive ‘bouchée’, culminating in the production of more than 6,000 dishes.

The Omnivorous Party by Badoit is the peak of the weekend. As well as the food, an array of beers, wines and spirits will be flowing and live music and DJ’s will be providing the soundtrack. Make sure you’re there to take it in… all of it!

The Omnivore Festival takes place at the Old Truman Brewery from 21st-23rd October, tickets for The Omnivorous Party available here


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