The Handbook
The Handbook

Let’s not beat about the bush – after home time, lunch time is the best part of any working day. You get in, get your coffee, check your emails and then start thinking about what you’re going to eat, clock watching until it’s an acceptable time to head to the kitchen. If you’re bored of your nearby lunch options, haven’t got round to prepping or just want something a little more exciting then check out these top lunch delivery options. Lunch al desko has never been so delicious…


Based in Battersea, Motu serve up indulgent, home style Indian food – because us Brits sure love an Indian takeaway. The name come from the affectionate Hindi term for ‘Fat Man’ and if you order enough of their feasts for one which sees a main course come with Kachumber Raita, pappadums, mango chutney, naan, pilau rice, then the name might become fitting. Order it in the evening during the week or from midday at the weekend.

Karma Cans

Inspired by the tiffin lunch boxes of India, Karma Cans are your very own dabbawala, cycling your lunch to you before 1pm. Sign up to the weekly menu and choose from the day’s meat, fish or veggie option before 11am and it’ll be with you a couple of hours later, with zero emissions and in reusable or compostable packaging. And, until Friday (18th November), every lunch delivery will come with a free sample of Vita Coco Coconut Oil. Earlier this week we had the date and sumac roasted salmon with brown rice salad – can we have it every day?!


#BigTasteSmallWaist – that’s what Peardrop are all about. Healthy food that both looks and tastes great. And it doesn’t matter what scale of delivery you need – you want a thousand granola bars? Not a problem. You want to order the office lunch boxes to eat outside when it’s sunny? Done (also brownie points for being a great boss.) Dishes include the likes of roasted aubergine salad with yoghurt, tahini dressing, mint, sesame and pomegranate and salmon and edamame salad.


When it comes to healthy and imaginative lunch deliveries then look no further than Bonapeti. Delivering both lunch time and evening, the meals are plant based and include the likes of broad bean and parsley fritters with preserved lemon tabbouleh and vine tomatoes stuffed with butterbeans and feta, served with roasted cauliflower and mixed quinoa. They do puddings too, how does chocolate amaranth pudding with poached bananas, hazelnut, banana chips and cacao nib crumble sound? Yep great, we agree.

Holy Cow

Delivering to most of London, Holy Cow are all about using the finest quality fresh ingredients to create their Indian dishes. If you want authentic Indian dish without an artificial colour or preservative in sight (because let’s be honest, Indian takeaways are partial to a preservative or two) then go for Holy Cow – you can customise your dish too to make it milder, hotter or however you like it.


With a goal of making eating well easy, Potage operates from a purpose-built kitchen under a railway arch in Battersea. The menu is developed by a nutritionist and served in biodegradable boxes so you can feel good in more ways than one. The menu changes daily but expect chilli and soy glazed salmon with pak choi and brown rice, and chicken, saffron, sun-dried tomatoes and sweet potato salad. Doing a group lunch? Potage will deliver everything from olives to guacamole to mini chocolate brownies (we’ve had them – they’re amazing), just order 24 hours in advance.

City Pantry

Delivering their fare to London offices, City Pantry work with an extensive range of vendors including Ahi Poke, Pollen + Grace and Wham Banh Mi so you don’t have to move from your desk if you fancy a lobster lunch, Christmas dinner, or sushi platter. Set up a meal plan and get lunch delivered on a regular basis or organise one-off catering for a meeting or event. We like the feedback feature which means you can learn what your team like, and what didn’t go down so well so that next time you’ll be even more popular.

Tiffin Planet

Sometimes a meal deal just won’t cut it. For those days you want a hearty curry, Tiffin Planet is your port of call. Choose between lunch or dinner, veg or meat and set up your meal plan (there is a minimum of 7 meals and maximum of 30) and then select the size tiffin (tin) you’d like. The menu varies slightly across different areas of London but expect palak paneer, dal paratha and tadka dal.


Tired of soggy salad leaves? Pure have got your back. Dressing their salads last minute to avoid the sad soggy leaf, they also bake their wholegrain flatbreads and pastries daily and whizz up their smoothies and juices every morning. As well as the super salads we love the breakfast eggs for when another pot of instant porridge just won’t cut it – they have the best selection of toppings we’ve seen; smoked salmon, ago, mushrooms, goats cheese, bacon, you name it. We love the little pots too for when you’re hungry but not hungry enough for a huge portion. Want it by 12.30pm? Order by 10.45am, or if you work centrally, collect at one of their stores.

Goose Box

This one isn’t strictly speaking a lunch delivery service, but Goose Box delivers boxed ingredients so you can create restaurant-quality dishes at home. From the people at 1 Lombard Street, simply select how many people you’re cooking for and choose from scallop carpaccio, fallow deer tartare, pear and black truffle risotto… Dishes also come with a recipe card and a suggested wine so if you’ve had a busy day at work but got friends over for dinner, no one will ever know.