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The Handbook

Christmas in Scandinavia is often a thing of envy – who wouldn’t want to be surrounded by unthinkable amounts of snow, pulled along in a sledge by huskies, through the conifer forests?! Well we can’t all be flying off to Scandinavia, so instead, pop up extraordinaire Meredith O’Shaughanessy has conjured up Nordic Yulefest, a Nordic wonderland in the heart of Shoreditch.

Transporting guests to Scandinavia, the archways will be adorned with antlers and taxidermy whilst adding warmth to the venue will be the sheepskins laid out all around. There’ll be Scandinavian inspired entertainment, maybe try your hand at a game of Wheel of Fortune or if you’re feeling brave, enter the Chamber of Bravery where you can eat Swedish delicacy Surströmming (fermented herring) – kudos to you if you can keep it down! 

Feast on the smorgasbords of local delicacies, such as barbecued reindeer with fermented blackberries or pickled herring tempura with dill mayo. To accompany there’ll be festive cocktails but if you don’t fancy a Sandy Claws, Nutty Sours or Yule Smacks, gluehwein (mulled wine) will be free flowing! 

They’ve also just announced that there’ll be snow blizzard at the pop-up but not some gimmicky white shredded polystyrene, nope alcoholic snow infused with pear and cinnamon… much better.

Nordic Yulefest launches on 1st December and runs until 18th December.