New Years Day always tends to live in the shadow of New Years Eve. Perhaps for good reason though, since the majority of us are usually nursing debilitating hangovers… The start of 2017 doesn’t have to be this way!

Homeslice, loved purveyors of those 20 inch pizzas, are running their Slice & Spritz Party at their Shoreditch branch on 1st January. Whereas normally only a few pizzas on their menu are available by the slice if there’s a flavour you fancy you’d have to go the whole hog, but not this time! Homeslice are beginning 2017 generously as all their pizzas will be available by slice and they’ve made new seasonal additions to the menu, like the wild venison pizza.

But that hangover is going to be so awful, we hear you cry. Well, it is incontestable that pizzas are one of the best hangover foods, so really you’d be doing yourself a massive favour. If you’re more of a ‘hair of the dog’ person (no judgement here), accompany your slice with a spritz or two. Wanting to go for round two? Again, no judgement.

Hungover or chirpy, the Slice and Spritz party will sort you right out.