Vauxhall’s Alpine Winter Village

6th December 2016

Christmas is now only 19 sleeps away and you know what that means… only 19 more chances to visit the thousands of winter pop-ups that it feels like London has welcomed this year. If your skiing holiday is not until the new year, or you’re actually just about the après, then you’ll want to be heading to Val de Vauxhall instead of Val d’Isere.

Everything you’d expect of a winter pop-up can be found at Vauxhall Winter Village, from roasted chestnuts, churros and egg nog to a cable car photo booth and retro ski wear rental so you can look the part as you dance, Folie Douce style, on the tables. Although with no excuse of heavy ski boots, we are expecting dance moves to be better (and you might get told off so don’t say we didn’t warn you).

Vauxhall Winter Village is free to enter and open during the week only (Monday to Friday, 11.30am-10pm) on the site of summer’s Vauxhall Street Food Garden. Oh, and remember we said you only have 19 chances left to visit? We were lying – it’s staying open until mid-January. You do the maths, we’ll get the drinks.

Vauxhall Winter Village is open Monday-Friday, 11.30am-10pm until mid-January 2017

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