A Pre-Work Dance Party Comes to West London

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Neelam Varia by | Posted on 16th January 2017
A Pre-Work Dance Party Comes to West London

Wake up. Hit the snooze button (x3). Feel guilty about skipping the gym. Sound familiar? Us too. Running or cycling or lifting weights facing a white wall can just get so boring. That combined with the comfort and warmth of our beds just makes it really difficult to get out the front door in the morning. But there’s this phenomena that has taken over New York and East London; it goes by the name of Daybreaker and is a pre-work (sober) dance party now making it’s way to West London.

Still, getting up early for a dance party sounds like hard work. To entice you, Daybreaker offer free coffee, juices and healthy breakfast foods. Yes, free. No booze to loosen those limbs but no doubt the caffeine will. For the early risers, the event starts at 6am with a yoga class a two hour dance party to follow, with live music performances. Food and drink is available throughout.

A pre-work dance party, admittedly far better than facing the grey wall at the gym. Plus, if there’s free food, we’ll be there.

Daybreaker London takes place on 18th January


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