A World First: The Cafe Taking Exercise as Payment

By Fran Hazell |
11th January 2017

Let’s face it, it takes a special breed of person to not want some kind of reward after exercise. Be it a protein shake, bubble bath or burger (yep, we said it), it’s nothing new that rewards improve motivation and quite frankly, the bigger the reward the harder we’ll work. Although physical and psychological benefits of exercise should be enough on their own, in January when we are cold and broke we need a little more.

Introducing the (world’s first) cafe that takes exercise as payment. Yes you heard it; punch for your lunch or run for your bun, however you want to do it the rules are simple: order your lunch from the menu pre-workout be it a pulled pork brioche bun, grilled halloumi pitta pockets or smashed avocado on wholemeal bread and you’ll be given a 10-minute fat busting HIIT workout to complete. Squats, lunges, spinning and rowing suddenly seems a whole lot easier when you have a meal waiting for you at the end of it. In and out in your lunch hour and you get a free meal? Talk about productive.

The David Lloyd Run For Your Bun Cafe is popping up in Covent Garden from Wednesday 11th January – Friday 13th January 12-3pm

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