Create the Menus at Craft London

By Neelam Varia |
9th January 2017

Quite often, it’s easy to forget the developmental process behind a dish at a restaurant, but excellence isn’t created overnight; it is a long road from start to finish for that perfect dish. Each Tuesday, the kitchen team at Craft will give opportunity to get involved in that process, so you’ll taste dishes that are either still in development or only available in small quantity. Up to eight courses will be served to guests who’ll then be able to engage with the chefs themselves, offering feedback and potentially impacting what will become the final dish!

Seasonality is key in Test Kitchen Tuesdays. Chefs focus on ingredients that are in their prime at the time, or alternatively using ingredients that were pickled at their prime time. Dishes will not only be created using seasonal ingredients, but with a seasonal event in mind. So for example, the menu around the time of Burns’ Night will feature haggis, the Valentine’s Day menu will feature things like chicken hearts, and a coffee-focused menu will be curated for London Coffee Week.

Seasonal menus, seasonal ingredients, but more importantly, a chance to involve yourself in the creative process of cooking a high quality dish. Where do we sign up?

Test Kitchen Tuesdays will be served every Tuesday from 8pm, £28 per person.

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