Dirty Martini: The Saintly Six

By Neelam Varia |
6th January 2017

We all begin the year with our best intentions of course, but there’ll always be that little birdie on your shoulder, telling you to forget about your diet or to forego your gym session. And let’s be honest, going from a month of cheese to a month of broccoli isn’t really going to work. What if you could have the best of both worlds? Dirty Martini have introduced for the month their ‘Saintly Six’ – six cocktails full of ingredients with health-boosting properties. So yes, you can enjoy a drink whilst reaping the benefits of ingredients like ginger and Matcha tea.

Two of the six cocktails are vegan, so if you’re one of those taking part in the growing trend that is ‘Veganuary’, you’re sorted. The first is ‘The Fixer Upper’, made from vodka, ginger syrup, apple juice, beetroot juice, fresh lemon juice, muddled raspberries, cherry bitters and celery salt; and the second is ‘La Lustre’, made from prosecco, sake, green tea and hibiscus liqeuer, violet liqueur, orange blossom water and hibiscus syrup. The four other cocktail saints are just as full of goodness, and feature ingredients like bee pollen (known for it’s weight loss and anti-allergen properties), coconut water (full of electrolytes and the like), and egg whites (full of protein). All the cocktails are less than 220 calories, so no damage to your diet, and in fact, what with all the healthy ingredients, you’re benefitting your diet.

Healthy cocktails? This is a health trend we can get on board with.

The ‘Saintly Six’ are available at all Dirty Martini branches throughout January


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