Goat Masterclass at Ceviche

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Neelam Varia by | Posted on 5th January 2017
Goat Masterclass at Ceviche

New Year’s resolutions tend to follow the same pattern: eating better, joining the gym… why not mix it up in 2017 and pick up a new skill. Perhaps learn how to butcher a goat, because naturally, that has always been on your bucket list.

Ceviche Old St’s Executive Chef Vito Reyes will be taking centre stage, sharing the secrets behind traditional Peruvian goat butchery. He’ll be showing you how to sustainably utilise all parts of the goat from head to toe – or nose to tail. Reyes will also be sharing the best techniques for preparing, seasoning and cooking the goat meat so you too can create the best goat dishes you’ve ever had.

Following the butchery class will be a roast goat feast with dishes on the menu including panca (chilli) marinated goat cutlets with spicy potato mash and Andean herb sauce; cabrito al horna, which is Peruvian spice rubbed roasted goat served with charred sweet potatoes; and seco de cabrito, which is beer braised lamb served with coriander rice and fava beans. All this is to be washed down with pisco sours and pisco punch.

Goat butchery – bet you didn’t think that would be a skill you learnt in 2017.

This is a one off event to be held on January 29th.


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