Mezze Mondays at Dock Kitchen

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Emily Gray by | Posted on 6th January 2017
Mezze Mondays at Dock Kitchen

It might be Friday today, but let’s talk about Mondays. We’re not just playing devil’s advocate when we say Monday is actually becoming one of our favourite days. Why? Because you’re allowed to be a little slack, you’re allowed to not have quite got over the weekend and because everyone thinks Mondays are bad, there are lots of great things going on to remedy it.

Take Stevie Parle’s West London restaurant, Dock Kitchen for example, they’re launching Mezze Mondays next week. Having travelled extensively from Greece to Lebanon looking for exciting plates and small dishes they’ll be creating a menu which features both hot and cold mezze including the likes of roast cauliflower, winter tabbouleh, falafel and marinated feta. Of course, they’ll be wine too and plenty of flat breads – because what’s a Monday without carbs? It’s a sad day.

Whatever might happen in the rest of the week, at least it’ll have got off to a good start…

Mezze Mondays start on the 9th January 2017 at 7pm and will cost £25pp.

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