The Wellscene at St Martin’s Lane

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Neelam Varia by | Posted on 16th January 2017
The Wellscene at St Martin’s Lane

Bored of your current workout routine? Tired of the route you run? You are? Us too, which is why we’re rather excited to hear that St Martin’s Lane hotel has collaborated with The Wellscene to bring you classes to shake up the routine and having you feeling your best.

Inject some energy into your yoga class with Flow in the Dark Yoga. Usually, you might attend a yoga class for it’s calming and strengthening aspects and it’s low intensity style; if you’re looking for that, Flow in the Dark Yoga is probably not for you. The yoga session is held in a room with a glow in the dark graffiti wall, adorned with glow sticks while you’ll be bending and flexing with a face full of UV paint. With these being the only sources of illumination, and music blasting from the soundsystem, you’ll be far from calm, getting an intense, blood-pumping workout instead.

Also on the bill is a HIIT class known as Black Light Burpees, led by The Viking Method. The lesson involves jumping, planking and squatting and this class is responsible for sculpting the bodies of some of the top names in show business! And if that isn’t intense enough for you, release any frustration at the Black Light Boxing sessions, run by The BoxxMethod. Shadow boxing will be combined with HIIT to give you fierce workout sure to get those endorphins flowing.

Why exercise in a boring old gym when there’s this?!

Sessions will run monthly until April

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