Tonkotsu’s New Guest Chef Collaborations

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Neelam Varia by | Posted on 23rd January 2017
Tonkotsu’s New Guest Chef Collaborations

Celebrating their 5th birthday with new additions to the menu and guest chef collaborations (aka the only way) is ramen house Tonkotsu. From next month, they’re running a series of ramen collaborations with some of London’s top chefs, ready to put their own spin on a Japanese classic. The first is Jose Pizarro, the critically acclaimed Spanish chef, known for his eponymous restaurant. Pizarro has collaborated with Ken Yamada, Tonkotsu’s owner, to create Iberico pork ramen with piquillo peppers, served with a shot of sherry. Other collaborations to keep an eye out for include healthy chef Gizzi Erskine, meat suppliers Cabrito Goat, and Soho’s hottest new spot, Kricket.

Named after the broth of the same name which is made by cooking pork bones for up to 18 hours, the resulting broth is silky smooth, rich and creamy. Their noodles are made the old school way, on a machine which took 6 months to ship over from Japan – this is authentic stuff. Keeping with the authenticity, order the new chicken and prawn gyoza – we’ve heard that no self-respecting Japanese orders ramen without gyoza. Alternatively, or in addition (depending on how hungry you are), try the sweet potato Korokke – deep fried balls of goodness, similar to croquettes. The star of the new menu though, is the seafood ramen. It’s packed with all sorts of shellfish, including scallops that are still in their shells, all of course swimming in that beautiful Tonkotsu broth. Enjoy with your ramen some Japanese slaw, made from carrot and daikon it’s slowly marinated in rice vinegar for that tangy palate-cleansing taste we love.

Ready for this ramen? We are.

Tonkotsu’s guest ramen series commences 1st February, the new menu is available now

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