The Handbook
The Handbook

World Book Day at school was great, you got a free book and could dress up as your favourite character. You either went all out and arrived in a bear suit, duffel coat and red wellingtons, or you came in normal clothes and pretended you were some girl from a Jacqueline Wilson book – lacking imagination we say. Perhaps we need to start introducing it into offices too…

Anyway, Paddington costume or not, we will be heading to The Bloomsbury Club Bar, because to celebrate World Book Day on the 2nd March, they will be swapping books for cocktails. You bring a paperback book and they’ll swap it for a literary-inspired cocktail. The books then get sold to second-hand book shop, Skoob Books, and all the proceeds are then donated to Great Ormond Street Hospital children’s charity.

The five bespoke cocktails celebrate Ernest Hemingway, Dorothy Parker, Oscar Wilde, Anne Sexton and F. Scott Fitzgerald with cocktails including the aptly named Hemingway Daiquiri, a Whiskey Sours and F. Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald’s favourite, Gin Rickey.

So you get a cocktail, Skoob Books will get books, and Great Ormond Street Hospital Children’s Charity gets a donation. Winners all round.

The World Book Day menu will be served from 4pm on the 2nd March at The Bloomsbury Club Bar