British Museum

Are you a culturally curious Londoner tired of the museum crowds? Or do you get museum legs (as we like to call it) at the thought of hours spent trudging round observing millions of artefacts? If you’re the former, this will excite you and if you’re the latter…read on anyway, because it may just convert you.

Husband and wife team, Daisy and Hernan, spent their childhoods exploring the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York and have now created a fact-filled adventure with a big dose of fun to make going to a museum an enjoyable experience for all. Following a successful stint in Paris, THATMuse (Treasure Hunt At The Museum) is hitting London and their first stop off is at the British museum.

Bringing with them their unique, entertaining and interactive way to explore a bit of history without those dreaded museum legs. So, put on your thinking caps as you weave through the halls of The British Museum, scouting and photographing the treasures on your clue list (and there are over 8 million artefacts to be seen…). During THATMuse adventures, explorers will get to interact with the exhibits and learn all about the artefacts without the “I want to go home” yawns.

Each hunt around the museum lasts around 90 minutes and requires 2-4 people per team; hello double date night. The hunts revolve around different themes, from fun and games to a Lady Hunt, inspired by International Women’s Day. Explorers are presented with different artefacts which they need to find and then photograph their team members with (quirky and assuming poses, of course). The hunt around the museum isn’t a race, instead, explorers are encouraged to stop and study the objects in close detail. At the end of the hunt, all teams regroup, tally scores and then the winner is awarded a prize…remember it’s not a race!

Upcoming themes at the British Museum include Fun and Games on 14th April, Skull Scouting on 12th May and Love Hunt on 9th June