When we say ‘singing nuns’, can you really think of anything but the iconic Sister Mary Clarence from the 90s classic Sister Act? We didn’t think so. One of our favourites, the hit 1992 film is set to get a 2017 revival as Amacoast Cinema host the Sister Act Live Choir.

Set in the historic Central Hall Westminster, film fans will be treated to an immersive cinema experience, as the Sister Act Live Choir boasts a choir of over thirty gospel singers and full band, belting out songs from the soundtrack. Bringing together diverse groups of people, founder Dele Aro hopes to unite people in new memories around film and experience.

The show also includes a special guest performance from MOBO Award Nominee and BBC Gospel Prom featured act ‘Volney Morgan and New-Ye’ and Britain’s Got Talent semi-finalists, ‘Gospel Singers Icognito.’ We can’t promise we won’t sing along, but we can promise a good time.

Tickets are on sale now, the show opens on 21st April