Firezza Bring Their Giant Pizza to Soho

3rd March 2017


From Exeter to Milton Keynes to Reading and now to our beloved London. Firezza has won the nation over with their delivery pizzas that are described as being “born out of a love of simplicity”. And it’s about to get even better because finally, after years of requests, founder Edin Basic is set to open Firezza’s first dine-in experience in Soho.

Firezza is set to give Soho a Neapolitan-style makeover when it opens it’s doors on Dean Street next month. Unlike your traditional round pizza, Firezza’s hand-stretched 100% natural dough pizza comes in squares, either a quarter or half a metre long. The pizza is served on longboards to encourage social eating although you don’t really have to share if you don’t want to (this is pizza we’re talking about) but if you do you’ll get to experience all the different topping combinations – sharing’s a no-brainer really.

It’s not just pizza that’s on offer, guests will get to indulge on antipasti, Italian beer, carafes of wine and since no Italian experience is complete without coffee you’ll find that too. Whether it’s a catch up with your friends, or a lunchtime pitstop (they are known for their super fast service) you really have no excuse to not visit. It is pizza after all…

Firezza will be opening on Soho’s Dean Street in April

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