FloatFit Yoga Arrives At The Haymarket Hotel

By Lois Fearne |
30th March 2017

You may remember back in 2016 seeing videos over your Facebook feed of people in their gym gear trying to remain on boards in the water? Well, that is what we call FloatFit Yoga and there are classes hitting the Haymarket Hotel thanks to Aqua Physical.

When you think of doing yoga poses, they can be quite difficult on the ground let alone on a floating exercise mat in swimming pool. Recipe for disaster comes to our mind or maybe the giggles of seeing your fitness buddies, fall into the water. However, it actually brings many benefits besides your stomach muscles aching from laughing too much. FloatFit Yoga aims to identify any muscle weaknesses that are in need of some work, along with strengthening your balance and mindfulness.

To recover after your FloatFit session, Brumus Restaurant at the hotel has created a recovery brunch (trust us, you’ll need it) consisting of avocado on rye with grilled chorizo, freshly baked waffles, an array of fritters and poached eggs.

FloatFit Yoga will run on alternating Saturday mornings alongside the FloatFit HILT classes at the Haymarket Hotel.


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