When it comes to feasts, the Roman god, Bacchus was said to have some pretty infamous ones and whilst you won’t be able to ever experience a true Roman feast (we don’t do time travel, sorry) you can go to Dead Dolls House for their Bacchanalian feasts.

The second feast sees Executive Chef Joe Hill creating  a true Filipino feast. Upon arrival guests will receive a welcome cocktail of Garden Ginpom (gin, pomelo, lemon, rose and basil) before sitting down to a four course dinner including burnt aubergine with sesame salted caramel, pork belly with oyster and an apple and walnut tart, all served with plenty of wine. To end the evening, an Oscar sour (whiskey, caramel, lemon, egg white and caramel popcorn) will be served up.

That’s not all, Dead Doll House plan to bring the Mediterranean to London on 4th May as they host an Ibiza BBQ, think all things fire and wood, with  beef, pork, fish and shellfish cooked on a Bertha charcoal grill. The next feast on 1st June brings Field to Fork with a five course vegetarian feast by Joe Hill, all dishes will use ingredients sourced from a local farm. Last and in no means least, we will see Dead Dolls House transport us to Italy for a Foumo and Fouco feast on 6th July, think all things pasta, cheese, breads and braised meats.

That should give Bacchus a run for his money.

The Filipino feast will be held at Dead Dolls House on 6th April. Ibiza BBQ on 4th May, Field to Fork on 1st June and Foumo and Fouco on 6th July.