Unless you’re a Cognac connoisseur, you may be quite unsure on how exactly it’s meant to be consumed. Neat? On the rocks? Diluted with water? Or if you’re anything like us, you love it in a cocktail. Mondrian London is launching a pop-up experience with one of the oldest Cognac houses in the world, Martell Cognac, to answer all these questions once and for all.

Two experiences have been created to showcase Cognac in a new light and educate guests on a variety of ways for the drink to be enjoyed. The Martell bar will be mixing up a small selection of cocktails, bringing a modern and interesting twist to showcase just how versatile this tipple is. The cocktails are to challenge the perception of Cognac being drunk neat – will cocktails take the lead or will the neat serve still reign supreme…? You’ll find out. The second experience will take place in The Martell Suite, where guests will be welcomed with a Cognac-based milk punch before bring introduced to a special gourmand serve.

If you’re feeling that you’re in need of a truly unique and luxurious experience, why not treat yourself and guests to a dinner in the private dining room (up to 10 guests) before being taken to the suite where you’ll enjoy a tasting of rare Cognac, not available for general sale. Cognac mysteries; solved.

The Martell Bar at Mondrian London will be open from 12th April to 6th May and The Martell Suite from 26th April to 29th April and then again on 3rd May until 6th May. To take part in the private dinner and tasting, please email alexander.staartjies@pernod-ricard.com