Cocktails and Coding: The Ultimate Masterclass

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Neelam Varia by | Posted on 19th April 2017
Cocktails and Coding: The Ultimate Masterclass

The tech industry is booming and code is all the rage but somehow we’ve missed the boat – it seems that even children are more advanced than us when it comes to coding, and the tech industry remains predominantly male. Sanderson has teamed up with coding experts, Code First: Girls, to host a series of tech-focused events, helping women take the reigns in the tech industry and just generally demystify the world of coding.

Kicking off the series will be a ‘Women in Tech’ panel discussion, chaired by Holly Brockwell, editor of female-focused tech website Holly will be joined by Rupinder Garcha, Programmes Manager at Code First: Girls; Irina Tsyganok, Software Engineer at YOOX NET-A-PORTER GROUP; and Alison Levy CMO of Launchmetrics to each offer their expert insight into the industry while tackling important issues, i.e. exactly why is the ratio of men and women in tech so unbalanced?

The launch event will be followed by ‘Cocktails & Coding’ sessions on the 10th and 16th May, and since a workshop without refreshments is basically just a meeting, Sanderson’s expert mixologists will be on hand before the sessions so you can take your cocktail with you. Sessions will take place in the picturesque Courtyard Garden and address questions such as ‘what does HTML code look like’ and ‘what is HTTP’?

Get stuck into the fastest growing industry of our time. And anyway, girls run the world. Beyonce said so.

Code First: Girls ‘Cocktails & Coding’ sessions will be held at Sanderson on 10th and 16th May, with the launch event on 25th April. Tickets to the launch here and general sessions here

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