We all love eating in Michelin-starred restaurants and we love attempting to recreate the food at home (the key here being ‘attempting’) but sometimes our interpretations of dishes aren’t quite like the real deal… You’ll be wanting to make room on your cookery bookshelf because Michelin starred chef Nathan Outlaw has written up a new cookbook, Home Kitchen. It’s his fourth book but it’s the first to have everything covered – and we mean everything – from meat and fish right through to dessert.

He’ll be launching his book with a dinner (how else?!), showcasing some recipes from the book at his restaurant, Outlaw’s at The Capital. To start, he’ll furnish you with a Tarquin’s Cornish gin and tonic before rustling up classic dishes like crab cake with lemon butter sauce; chicken and leek pie; and steamed treacle sponge.

After the meal, guests will be given a signed copy of the book to take home, so you can dazzle your friends – show off – with Michelin-starred goodness. Whoever said you can’t have it all?

Nathan Outlaw’s launch showcase dinner at Outlaw’s at The Capital takes place on Tuesday 9th May