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The Handbook

There are a lot of things in life we seem to wing but on this one occasion, winging it is actively encouraged. Introducing the Wing Battle at London’s only chicken wing restaurant, Randy’s. Fittingly, the restaurant is located in the Olympic Park and if you’re anything like us you will really be taking this seriously. In fact, why is wing eating not an Olympic sport…?

Chefs from selected restaurants will be putting their spin on the humble wing as it is added to the menu at Randy’s for one night only, going head to head against Randy’s own. Wednesday 5th April marks the first of the monthly wing battles and will see street food pros, Spit and Roast, head east to serve up their take on the wing. If their buttermilk fried chicken and spit-roast meats they serve at Brockley Market and Southbank Centre Market are anything to go by then it’s set to be a good one.

May’s first wing-off (Wednesday 3rd May) will see Spitalfields’ Chuck Burgers take to the ring. Though don’t be misled – they do a mean, finger licking bowl of wings in addition to their filthy burgers. Finally, 31st May is the turn of Wingmans. The clue’s in the name, and the fact they were crowned London’s best chicken wing at London Wing Fest last year means we’re in for a treat.

Chose your winger.

Randy’s wing battles kick off on Wednesday 5th April, followed by Wednesday 3rd May and Wednesday 31st May