London’s Most Exclusive Secret Brunch Party Opens Its Doors

By Emily Gray |
11th May 2017

Secret Brunch is an elusive members-only brunch club, known for their exclusive, raucous brunch parties. If you’re not a member then you’re not going.

Except, that isn’t strictly accurate. On the 20th May, to celebrate their seventh birthday, they will, for the first and only time, be opening the doors to the public. You’re going to want to get tickets pronto.

The year is 1840, the birth of the industrial revolution, the end of the world as they knew it. Wanting one last hurrah before this change, they decided to gather in a giant circular dome, about to house the turntable for London’s steam trains. Their host: Mr SB. Their aim: to party. And it’s at this secret and historic dome that MR SB will welcome you with the most immersive, theatrical and spectacular brunch party you have ever been to.

We say brunch, but the party doesn’t start until 4pm, The Breakfast Club will be there to keep you fuelled, there’ll be plenty of drinks and incredible entertainment and theatrical displays before the main show gets going at 7pm. You’ll then be able to party on until late – it’s the start of the Industrial Revolution after all, you want to make the most of your last few hours…

Secret Brunch is taking place on 20th May at a secret location in London

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