The Handbook
The Handbook

The people at Pimms have given us what we never knew we needed and combined our favourite cocktail with our favourite pastime – brunch.

A new Pimm’s brunch menu is being rolled across our favourite brunch spots across London including Bourne and Hollingsworth, Egg Break, Friends of Ours, Megan’s and Brother Marcus. There will be an array of Pimm’s cocktails like you’ve never seen them before to compliment your avocado and eggs. It’s time for the classic Bloody Mary to take a rest.

There will be four new drinks for every brunch goer. The Pimm and Proper includes all of the essentials of a G&T blended with the sweetness of Pimm’s whilst the Pimm’s Fizz will be providing you with your sparkling wine fix late morning with a blend of the classic Pimm’s cocktail. The Gentleman’s Mule also features in the collection, taking the classic Pimm’s to another level by adding ginger ale. Lastly, but definitely not least will be the Pimm’s Short – a stronger version of the classic with added orange peel for when hair of the dog is really needed.

It’s definitely Pimm’s O’Clock.

The Pimm’s Brunch Series will be available throughout June at brunch spots across London

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