Secret Underground Museum Opens to the Public

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Fran Hazell by | Posted on 21st June 2017
Secret Underground Museum Opens to the Public

If you haven’t seen our guide to London’s Secret Underground Venues then you’re in the minority. It’s one of of our most popular pieces to date – it seems being ground level just isn’t cool enough any more, instead drinking, eating and culture should take place below the streets.

One of London’s busiest rail networks is about to be unearthed and opened to the public. A series of Victorian tunnels stretching from Paddington to Whitechapel may not seem like the type of place you want to while away the hours, but with temperatures soaring it might be quite nice to escape from the heat of the city and see a part of London never seen by the public before.

The Postal Museum is London’s newest and most anticipated heritage attraction, and although we can’t say we’ve ever had a particular penchant for post, this one actually interests us – it’s easy to forget London is packed full of history and strange to think much of it is hidden – and hey, it’s basically the first social network. The tunnels were in use for nearly a century, as travelling underground was far quicker than navigating the foggy streets above. Stamp enthusiasts will be guided through the history of snail mail before the real excitement starts: a tour of the tunnels. The rail network was, at its peak, used non-stop to deliver parcels and letters across London (and in the days pre-technology, this will have been a lot) and when you visit as part of the tour you will ride through the tunnels on a specially-made miniature train. Expect the unexpected – theatrical surprises have been promised.

Mail Rail at The Postal Museum is opening on 28th July 


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