Harry Potter recently has celebrated their 20 year anniversary, which coincidently marks 20 years of us waiting for our Hogwarts acceptance letter. Whilst we still blame Mr Dursley for hiding it, how about we present you with an invitation to the next best thing? A Harry Potter inspired dinner series.

The sorting hat has spoken and chosen the best selection of Harry Potter themed food and drink (yes, there is butter beer). And what is anything Harry Potter themed without puns? The seven course dinner is complete with them too. This includes a Hogwarts Letter Amuse Bouche, an edible rice paper topping of pepper, parsley and squid ink. Plus a Devil’s Snare course with chia seed, seaweed and courgette and a ’Secret Keeper’ course with smoked eel.

Gather the Hermione, Ron and Hagrids in your life to platform 9 3/4 in your best Hogwarts attire. Yes, you are expected to dress up in your Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw or Slytherin outfits – no exceptions, however I’m sure you won’t need persuading.

The dinner series will be taking place every Friday and Saturday throughout August and September at Library London. There will be limited availability so make sure you don’t miss the Hogwart’s Express!


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