Like immersive dining? Then let us introduce you to Dinner Time Story, a new, innovative dining concept which uses cutting edge 3D animations to bring your table to life, telling the story of Le Petit Chef. It’s had a hugely successful launch in Dubai and the United Arab Emirates and this autumn it’ll be coming to London.

Set to arrive in October for three months, Le Petit Chef – In the Footsteps of Marco Polo, will take diners on a journey in the footsteps of Marco Polo, as the world’s smallest, muttering chef (he’s only 58mm) travels from Marseilles to Arabia, India, the Himalayas to China collecting up the ingredients he needs for the dishes you’ll be eating. Using sights, scents and sounds, you’ll breath the icy air of the mountains before feeling the sweltering temperatures of an Arabic souk as you watch the story all unfold on your table through 3D projection mapping. Don’t think though that the story takes away from the cuisine, it’s not a gimmick to mask anything, first and foremost it’s about the food and then the story, and if the story is that good and is the second thing, then think how good the food will be.

Currently, Nadine Beshir, Dinner Time Story’s producer, is looking for a venue to host Le Petit Chef, so if you know anywhere get in touch…

Want to see it in action? Check it out here.