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The Handbook

Long are the days of being content with our weekends consisting of simply eating and drinking, now we need activities such as mini golf and croquet to keep us entertained. Health fanatics and super seed brand, 9Nine, have taken note of the growing trend and have decided to take it one step further…

Though certain games might bring out the competitive streak in some of us, this activity is proven to keep everyone happy and that is the forgotten activity of playing. Yes, 9NINE will be creating a playground for adults over one special weekend this July. The playground will be stacked full of your childhood favourites including giant swings, slides and see-saws that all promise to be adult friendly. Because you need to let the other kids (sorry, grown ups) play too, there will be one hour slots for as much playtime as possible until the school bell inevitably rings.

Once we reach adulthood, we automatically excuse ourselves from the concept of play and the guys at 9NINE are on a mission to bring it back. The event will be raising awareness on how play promotes happiness and well being as well as good mental and physical health.

If that wasn’t enough to get you down there, former Olympian and brand ambassador, Greg Whyte OBE, will also be attending/chaperoning.

We’re hoping that the swings are going to be wide enough for our adult hips – because no one has time for getting stuck.

The event is free but 9NINE will be accepting donations from guests to help support local play initiatives. The event will be taking place in London Fields from 29th-30th July.