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The Handbook

If you thought the freakshake trend was over, you thought wrong. But let’s be honest, there really is no greater indulgence, so if you ask us, the trend is welcome to stay. Of course, sometimes the sugar can just get too much, but what if we told you there was a solution to that? What if we told you Heliot Steak House has created balanced (if you can call them balanced) freakshakes, consisting of both sweet and savoury elements?

Savoury? Well, it’s no secret burgers and milkshakes are a match made in heaven, so Heliot Steak House has this wonderful combo to the next level, piling burgers on top of their milkshakes for the ultimate freakshake in celebration of National Burger Day!

The menu consists of a vanilla milkshake which comes loaded with a USDA prime rib eye burger with bacon, lettuce, tomato & truffle sauce; a passionfruit milkshake with a lobster tail slider with house-made marie rose sauce & avocado; a blood orange milkshake with a slow-cooked pork belly slider with bacon, Heliot BBQ sauce & guindilla peppers atop; and finally a strawberry milkshake with a roasted field mushroom, pepper & courgette slider with Heliot chilli sauce.

If you’re going to celebrate National Burger Day, celebrate it right, with an over the top milkshake that satisfies all your burger needs…and gets you that all important photo for Instagram.

The Burger Freakshake menu will be available 24th – 27th August.