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The Handbook

Time for a fact, whilst we all know that smell and taste are linked, did you know that it is thought that up to 90% of what we perceive as taste is actually smell? No, wonder that even the best food in life tastes like cardboard when we are ill, then.

Why are we telling you this? Obviously it is something related to eating, we’re not suddenly interested in the study of olfactory. It’s because Hotel Café Royal have teamed up with leading French perfumer and artist, diptyque (you’ll recognise the candles) to create an afternoon tea based on their signature scents.

Served in the splendour that is the Oscar Wilde Bar, the afternoon tea (the work of Executive Pastry Chef Sarah Barber) uses the ingredients and flavours found in diptyque’s Roses, Vanilla, Violette and Verveine scents to create the likes of a Tahitian vanilla bar. Made from Tahitian vanilla sponge topped with hazelnut praline feuillatine and a Valrhona ‘Opalys’ ganache, it’ll sit alongside a rose Victoria sponge topped with silver leaf, a violet and cassis tart and a lemon verbena.

When you leave, you won’t just leave having overeaten slightly, you’ll also leave with a Baies candle – made from Bulgarian roses and black currant leaves it’s diptyque’s most popular scent.

The diptyque afternoon tea launches on 1st September 2017 and will be available daily.