Grab The Bubbly, The Widow Series Returns

By Phil Clarke, Editor of The Handbook website Phil Clarke |
13th September 2017

Veuve Clicquot literally translates as Widow Clicquot. Our Tricolore 3 textbooks might not have prepared us for such family tragedy, but Champagne marque Veuve Clicquot certainly doesn’t let us forget the straightened circumstances that mark the international brand’s beginnings. In 1805 the widowed Madame Clicquot, aged 27, took on her husband’s business interests, and unusually for the time, not only took control of the Champagne house but set the wheels in motion to ensure that Veuve became a worldwide success. Which brings us to The Widow Series.

To celebrate the remarkable Madam Clicquot, Veuve Clicquot launched The Widow Series, a set of performance art pieces held over a week. Now a firm October calendar fixture, it will be the third year of the trailblazing series. Last year FKA Twigs worked with set designers, artists and actors to create a truly spectacular immersive experience, while the previous year it was fashion photographer Nick Knight playing curator.

This year former French Vogue Editor, Carine Roitfeld and her creative content team at CR Studio, step into the curator’ shoes and we are counting down the days until we can see what she’s put together. Either way we’re sure she’ll do Mme Clicquot proud.

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