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This Wednesday Grey Goose are presenting the most luscious evening of the season with their event, Pour L’Amour Du Chocolat. The luxury vodka brand will be teaming up with the capital’s other much-loved past-times in the form of a chocolate celebration with Master Chocolatier Paul A. Young, and immersive open-air cinema with Rooftop Film Club.

Pour L’Amour Du Chocolat is an event that combines pretty much all of our favourite things – vodka cocktails, a mountain of chocolate, and Jonny Depp romcoms – at The Roof Gardens in Kensington. Already a hot-spot for its gorgeous green spaces overlooking the lights of the city, The Roof Gardens are set to become even more appealing by welcoming the talents of Grey Goose, who will bring a range of bespoke vodka cocktails to the Kensington bar. Pour L’Amour Du Chocolat will be celebrating the launch of Grey Goose’s new Cafe Gourmand – an expression of a quintessentially French dining ritual that will be sending the Espresso Martini to great heights, combining cocktails and pastries.

Keeping with the thème français, the whole event will be inspired by the classic rom-com, Chocolat, with Jonny Depp and Juliet Binoche. The evening will begin with a smooth start – a cocktail reception of Grey Goose Le Fizz, and an opportunity to enjoy the Atelier Experience, a chocolate based masterclass where guests can observe as the chocolates are tempered, rolled and decorated by Master Chocolatier Paul A. Young. Paul has produced his chocolate creations as inspired by the key movie moments, with experimental flavours designed to work perfectly with Grey Goose’s cocktails. There will be three courses of opulent chocolatey goodness, finishing up with the specially made Espresso martinis and pastries – all prepared for guests to settle in with plush blankets and comfy deck chairs, ready for the movie to begin – so très luxe.

Pour L’Amour Du Chocolat is taking place on the 27th September 2017 

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