Head To Ginza Onodera, For Goodness Saké

By Phil Clarke |
27th September 2017

For goodness Sake, you have to get to Ginza Onodera for their collaboration with World Sake Imports, starting this month.

On 19th October the first in a series of exclusive events at the prestigious Japanese restaurant Ginza Onodera will start with a collaboration between Head Chef Ryosuke Kishi, Head Sommelier Angelo Lorea and leading sake brewery Yoshida Shuzo-ten.

Celebrating the start of the traditional sake making season the dinner will give diners the chance to sample small batch sakes rarely seen in London. The premium sakes on offer will include a selection of Tedorigawa sakes made to the trafitional Yamahai method over a two-week period, giving them a deep flavour.

The five courses will include trademark dishes of teppan-yaki and robata and the restaurant’s signature sushi, all carefully paired with the rare sakes. Each course will be introduced by sommelier Lorea highlighting key tasting notes.

Starting with a Souchu cocktail the appetiser will consist of salmon tataki with umemizore sauce, seasonal herbs and picked myoga and paired with Iki Na Onna Sake.

Sushi dishes including rich marbled tuna and truffles marinated in nikiri soy sauce, scallops with myoga and truffle oil, yellowtail tororo konbu, tuna with kingpun, prawn with caviar all paired with 100ml of Tedorigawa Yamahai Sake.

From the Robata Grill Ginza Onodera have selected a black cod saikyo yaki with a drink of tsuyusansen Nama Sake along with black Angus sirloin and a warm, room temperature glass of Tedorigawa Yamahai Junmai.

Pudding of kinako blancmange will go along with a traditional green tea to finish.

After the meal diners will be able to purchase the bottles of the sampled sakes and there will also be a silent auction offering a limited number of bottles of Tsuyusanzen Nama sake.

The first event will be held on 19th October, tickets are £120 per person and can be booked by calling 020 7839 1101


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