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Holes exposing the 100 year old postal railway tunnels that run beneath London’s streets have opened up all over the capital. The miniature stalactite-filled ‘Mail Rail’ tunnels open up to the public for the first time on Monday 4 September 2017. More tickets for Mail Rail at The Postal Museum released today.

If you’re after first class family fun then make post-haste down to The Postal Museum from the 4th September to catch the Mail Rail. To mark the re-opening of London’s subterranean mail network the museum has slapped a fantastic piece of street art across the pavement outside Liverpool Station depicting the scene below. If you can possibly avoid falling down the chalk-drawn stalactite riven chasm then make your way one station along to Mount Pleasant and give the real thing your stamp of approval.

The old postal railway ran under the capital’s streets until the 1980s, ferrying millions of letters and parcels every day. A loop of the system has been brought back to life by The Postal Museum, which is now the main attraction for the museum focusing on Britain’s long history of post, from the days of stagecoaches to Amazon. As well as riding the mini railway visitors can experience all that’s on offer at the museum, not least ‘Sorted’, the new children’s play area which is guaranteed to keep little ones engrossed.

We’re promised more teaser street art over the next few days, so watch out for them and start planning your visit today.

The miniature stalactite-filled ‘Mail Rail’ tunnels open up to the public for the first time on Monday 4th September 2017. More tickets for Mail Rail at The Postal Museum are released today (Friday 1st September)