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The Handbook

There’s nothing cheeky about NUNdos, the popup that we’ve got to confess we’re totally over-excited about! NUNdos is a Shoreditch popup run entirely by nuns. Acutal real-life Whoopi-Goldberg-Maria-Von-Trapp-Mother-Superior nuns, cooking peri peri chicken in East London.

This was all (presumably immaculately) concieved by Channel 5 for their upcoming reality show Bad Habit, Holy Orders which pairs up a group of millennial party girls with The Daughters of Divine Charity convent to see what happens.

And what happens is NUNdos, a three-day event in East London where the chicken broth and lentil soup will be offered out to punters for free, in return for the chance to chat about their faith. Sounds like a pretty fair trade.

Sadly you’ll have to drop your phone off on entry, so forget the nun selfies, the nuns say it’ll encourage soul-searching but we suspect the TV execs are keen to prevent spoilers. Either way, prepare for a weird time without Insta to document it.

Event space White Rabbit will be hosting the extravaganza, and though there’s no reservations you can email ahead, register interest and pray you get in.

NUNdos takes place on Tuesday 17th – Thursday 19th October at White Rabbit, you can’t book but you can contact for advance notice