Immersive Bottomless Cheese Festival

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Phil Clarke by | Posted on 19th October 2017
Immersive Bottomless Cheese Festival

We literally can’t think of anything that we’d rather be immersed in more than cheese. We love cheese. Everyone loves cheese. If the idea of being a human fondue sets you off, then you’re going to love what’s coming to Greenwich this Christmas. A giant, immersive cheeseboard.  You gauda believe it!

Greenwich events space Studio 338 is gearing up to host a huge cheese festival in the run up to Christmas and it sounds delicious. The main attraction: a great big cheeseboard with towering blocks of cheeses. Scuttle round the cheeseboard like mice in a seriously infested kitchen (or, if that’s slightly wierding you out, like the Borrowers or the kids in Honey I Shrunk The Kids – you get the idea) while sampling cheesy wares.

The crazy giant creation may be the focal point, but ticket holders will have plenty more to focus on. Like unlimited free cheese for the duration of the event (don’t fret, they’ll include biscuits) and bottomless mulled wine to wash it down with.

The December event will offer a seection of the finest artisan cheese from across Europe including a massive baked Camembert served by man-sized mice. Music will also feature heavily and the cheeseboard will double as a dance floor in the evening with DJs hitting the decks in the evening with some hardcore cheesy classics.

If you’re vegan no fear, there’s a selection of cheeses to cater for you too, and pudding is also covered with a selection of (what else?) cheesecakes to keep you topped up.

And after you’ve eaten ALL THE CHEESE then snuggle up by the double height fireplace, relax and listen to the music. Before getting up and shovelling yet more cheesey goodness down your throat. Immerse us now.

The Giant Cheeseboard takes place on Saturday 16th December


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