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Backyard Cinema Returns With Secret Snow Kingdom

Winter time is pretty much synonymous with movie time – because is there really anything better than being curled up inside in front of your favourite film, chilly weather the other side of the window pane? With the days already getting colder and darker, our trusty favourites Backyard Cinema have prepared for the nights drawing in with their new winter season, kicking off at the end of October.

The Christmas season is dedicated to us embracing our inner child; what other time of year would it be perfectly acceptable to get excited about panto, reindeer and chocolate-based advent calendars? Backyard Cinema thankfully is totally onboard with us all reliving the magic of wintery wonderland, with their winter season hosted at their very own Snow Kingdom, an immersive experience where you can watch all your childhood favourites including Cool Runnings, Harry Potter, E.T and Tangled – as well as grown-up specials like La La Land, Bridget Jones’s Diary and The Revenant.

A magical mix of classic movies and smash-hit blockbusters, Backyard Cinema aren’t stopping there. On top of the frosty film screenings, The Snow Kingdom will welcome its guests into a sparkling world, hidden within the heart of London – travelling through secret icy caves into a grand ballroom straight out of a fairytale, for a feast of popcorn and winter warmer cocktails – a winning combo just waiting to happen. So maybe rather than staying home and watching that Love Actually rerun for the fiftieth time, you can upgrade your viewing to something a little more special, with a cinematic experience that takes you to a snowy escape far far away.

Promising to be perfectly cosy, Backyard Cinema will be providing the blockbusters and the blankets for you to sit back and get snug. The group are well versed in hosting London’s best immersive cinema experiences, with this year’s hugely successful summer season under its belt, where Backyard Cinema created a tropical Miami beach in the middle South London.

Backyard Cinema launches on the 25th October 2017 at Mercato Metropolitano