The Best Breakfasts at Bala Baya Shook

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2nd October 2017

Bala Baya

It’s Monday (unless you’re reading this on another day, in which case it could be Friday and the weekend is almost here, hurrah) and Mondays aren’t much fun, but yesterday saw the launch of Bala Baya Shook and now your Mondays and breakfasts are going to be much better. Isn’t that nice to hear?

A Tel Aviv ‘souk’ style market is opening up inside Bala Baya, it’ll be open from 8am and will be serving the likes of babka pretzels, pitta pie, poppy seed filas, iced cinnamon buns, chocolate babka swirls and quince and almond torsade. Taking on traditional dishes they’ll also be reimagining Alfajores biscuits, lemon cherry cream cakes and cheesecake cookies – suddenly your green smoothie and porridge won’t seem so appealing.

Lunch will revolve around slow-braised beef stuffed pittas, pumpkin curls with lime yoghurt dressed with pineapple and fermented prawn and miso and medjool date roasted aubergine coated in rocket and coriander salsa. You can also get it to takeaway or delivered if you have to eat your lunch al desko.

When it comes to drinks, it’s home to London’s very first Gazoz Bar – described as the West’s answer to Kombucha, Gazoz is a fruit-filled sparkling drink that has been a favourite of Tel Aviv since the 1920s. You’ll find it in flavours such as grape and ginger; watermelon and parsley and pineapple and chilli and sage. Of course, being London they’re going to have cocktails too which make use of Gazoz such as vodka, red pepper and mint and gin, quince and fennel – adventurous.

If you’re lucky enough to have a pantry in London (what’s your secret, how do we get one?) then you’ll be able to stock it with the likes of sweet sesame pitta sticks; meringue gems spiked with spice; fruits and nuts; harissa munch bags; sumac-heavy shook spice rub; cardamom, coriander and Granny Smith chutney and spiced quince jam. They also sound like rather good Christmas presents…because we all know the best present is food. Everyone loves food.

Bala Baya: Open Now, Arch 25, Old Union Yard Arches, 299 Union Street, SE1 0LR,

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