Harry Potter Checks Into The St Pancras Renaissance Hotel

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Phil Clarke by | Posted on 11th October 2017
Harry Potter Checks Into The St Pancras Renaissance Hotel

If you don’t like to be reminded of how old you’ve gotten, look away now. It’s 20 years since the first Harry Potter book, Harry Potter and The Philosopher’s Stone, was published. Given there’s no effective spell to reverse 20 years of ageing, St Pancras Rennaisance Hotel has come up with something equally effective: alcohol.

Expelliarmus your inhibitions with such creations as The Camoflage Coupette, Tee-Hee and Exlixir of Love, all within the gothic confines of one of London’s greatest artitectural marvels at St Pancras Station. A stone’s throw from platform 9 3/4 at King’s Cross, the hotel will be playing host to the Potter-esque menu throughout October.

Served inside a medicine bottle, the Camouflage Coupette combines pick-me-ups including gin, Cointreau, absinthe and lemon juice. The Tee-Hee, which infuses Sazerac with N₂O (laughing gas), will put a smile on your face; while the The Elixir of Love, a sharing punch presented in a cauldron, combines amaretto, Chambord, vodka and lemon juice, and emits aromas of essential oils unique to the guests’ preferred taste.

Other cocktails produced for the event include The Minty Toad For The Road, a wizarding take on the after dinner mint with a hit of peppermint liqueur inside a rich dark chocolate frog. And if this all sounds a bit too dark magic, then there will be a series of mocktails on sale including the Lemon Bomb, fiery in both taste and sight and Butterscotch Brew, a tankard brimming with salted caramel, butterscotch and bubbles.

Get on your broomsticks now and head straight to St Pancras Renaissance Hotel London.

Harry Potter cocktails are available now at the St Pancras Rennaissance Hotel.


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