London’s First Guacamole and Tequila Bar

19th October 2017

We need to taco bout Cantina Laredo, because just when we thought we couldn’t love Mexican cuisine more, the modern Mexican restaurant in Covent Garden hit us with the most mexcellent news we’ve had all week. This winter sees London’s first dedicated guacamole and tequila bar open within the restaurant, where the in-house ‘Guacamaestro’ (are they still taking applications..?) will theatrically prepare ‘The Great Eight Guacamoles’ right in front of you, as you sip on margaritas from the certified ‘Tequilistas’. Either way, if they were looking for a way to brighten up our winter, they’ve guacked it.

Cantina Laredo only use house-selected Hass avocados and combine them with sensational ingredients to create one of a kind guacamoles. The great guacamole menu includes grasshoppers with grilled avocados, creamy blue cheese with almonds and pineapple with pomegranate seeds. But is there nothing to eat except glorious guacamole? There Hass to be some other way, you exclaim! Well, they’re not leaving you high OR dry – along with 100% blue agave tequilas and a range of Mezcals used to create premium margaritas and signature cocktails, Cantina Laredo has teamed up with Mexican foodie Roberto De la Parra to create a sharing menu that takes you on a journey through Mexico. Expect aubergine tostadas with green habanero mayonnaise, duck tacos with nutella mole and plums, juicy jumbo prawns with guajillo achiote, aged rib-eye with yellow habanero butter, and chocolate fondant with dulce de leche ice cream.

The mextravaganza comes with a new design in the restaurant, from the international award-winning Robert Angell. Inspired by Mexican nature, culture and tradition, the space will feature warm woods, Aztec-inspired art and agave plants. We can’t wait to try all the bar has to offer – the only question is, have you guac what it takes?

The Guacamole and Tequila Bar is open now.

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