Peckham Levels, the Next Cultural Hotspot

By Sarah Drake |
25th October 2017

If we told you the next big cultural destination was a huge carpark you’d think the world had gone mad (and that the London property market was getting wildly out of control). But fear not – new venue Peckham Levels may be at a multi-storey carpark, but it’s one you’ll actually want to get lost in. Gone are the days of holding out your car keys gormlessly while wondering where the hell you parked the car (here at least), because seven levels are being transformed into a workspace for artists, designers, makers and entrepreneurs, where you’ll discover exciting emerging talent across music, fashion, art, food and everything in between. Pretty next level stuff we think.

Make Shift and Southwark Council have teamed up to put together this much needed affordable space where, for a six year period, talented local people will be connected with opportunities and the surrounding community, with the creation of around 500 jobs to boot. Occupying the fifty studio spaces will be the likes of gal-dem, a creative collective of women and non-binary people of colour, Guap Magazine, the world’s first video magazine dedicated to discovering creative and entrepreneurial youth, and The Reasons Why Foundation, which runs behavioural change programmes that help people involved in crime make better decisions and reduce the number of people who reoffend.

Now, it just wouldn’t feel like The Handbook if there wasn’t something to eat or drink involved – that would be wrong on so many levels. Luckily for us, the top two floors will be a food, drink and events space with seven resident street food traders, two bars, a café, a live music venue, gallery space, a hair salon and yoga studios. Phew. Food-wise (now for what you really want to know) the line-up includes Drums & Flats with their signature chicken wings, Otherside Fried and their dreamy chicken burgers, Hao Hao Chi’s Chinese street food and confit duck from Canard. Plenty to sink your teeth into, conveniently located alongside wine, beer and cocktail offerings.

Peckham Levels Opens 8th December 2017

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