£8.2 million, that’s how much StreetSmart has raised in 20 years for homeless and vulnerable people. How? Through the simple idea of adding a voluntary £1 to diners’ bills throughout November and December. Because as we start to drink more Prosecco than usual and gorge ourselves silly on mince pies in the run up to Christmas, around 4134 people on a single night in England will be sleeping rough. That number has increased by 134% since 2010.


Partnering with Deutsche Bank, the StreetSmart campaign will be donating every penny of every £1 raised to local charities across the UK.  There are more than 500 restaurants in 22 cities and regions across the UK. We’re talking about the likes of Bristol, Cornwall, Hampshire, Bedford, Wakefield and Edinburgh so chances are you’re going to be near a restaurant that’s involved. In our own city, if you’re eating at any of the following you can add an extra £1 to your bill: Aqua Nueva, Bird of Smithfield, China Tang, Rotorino and Som Saa. Of course, that’s not all the London restaurants involved, the list is rather extensive  and but you check them all out on the website.

It’s just a £1, not much to us, but put them all together and it’s going to change a lot of peoples’ lives.

StreetSmart launches on the 1st November across the UK