The Alpine Retreat At Sky Garden

By Phil Clarke |
21st November 2017

You don’t have to don crampons and grab an ice pick to make your way to the summit of this Alp, simply hop in a lift and 35 storeys later you’ve hit the peak of The Walkie Talkie building at Sky Garden. When you get to the top, however, enjoy a true Alpine feel with Sky Pod’s popup, in collaboration with Moet & Chandon.

The mountainous feel, backed up by the genuine altitude and forever-views into the far far distance, is heightened (no pun) by the faux furs, skis and all things Alpine bedecking Sky Pod, the all day drinking and dining bar atop 20 Fenchurch Street and within Sky Garden. Guests can rock around mini Christmas trees and collect baubles a-plenty as each glass of Champagne sold will be accompanied with a Moet & Chandon Christmas Decoration.

If that wasn’t enough, then Sky Garden are launching their festive live music nights on the 19th and 20th December, accompanied by seasonal tunes from Juke Joints and Katie Holmes Band. Or why not go along to Sky Garden’s ultimate Christmas party on 14th December, featuring champagne on arrival, their renowned rhubarb canapés, bowl food and unlimited free-flowing beers and wines.

Finally, if all that didn’t give you reason to head to Sky Garden, the venue is planning a Great Gatsby themed New Year’s Eve party. The ‘roaring 20s’ will abound with the transformation from ultra modern to art deco decadance. Smoking jackets, furs, sparkle and dancing and the best view of the fireworks to be found in the capital.

Climb Mont Blanc and there’s a cairn of rocks at the top, climb this Alp and there’s a myriad of untold pleasures. We know which we’d prefer.

Sky Pod’s popup is now open,  book New Year’s Eve tickets here

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