14 of the Best Christmas Adverts

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Emily Gray by | Posted on 10th November 2017
14 of the Best Christmas Adverts

The big corporations might be trying to persuade us to buy from them and tugging on our heartstrings to do so, but Christmas adverts (whether we like it or not) are a now a part of the build up to Christmas. Here at The Handbook, we’re not ashamed to say they are one of our guilty (or in some cases, not so guilty) pleasures. With the arrival of John Lewis’ 2017 offering, Moz the Monster,  and after much deliberation in The Handbook HQ here are 14 of our favourite:

Forget Father Christmas, last year Marks & Spencer showed us the power of Mrs Claus. After young Jake writes her a letter asking for something special for his sister Anna, Mrs Claus swaps the sleigh for a helicopter and the chimney for the front door and manages to get all the way from Lapland to England and back without Father Christmas expecting a thing.

John Lewis caused all the feels when in 2012 they showed a smitten snowman venturing across the country, up mountains and through rivers, all the way to London in search of a present for his loved one.

Lidl’s 2016 advert showed an idyllic Christmas – a quiet cottage, plenty of food, twinkling lights and  getting all the family together to surprise their Grandpa, because no one should be alone at Christmas.

If there’s one drink synonymous with Christmas then it’s Baileys and in 2013, Baileys went all out with their reimagined version of Tchaikovsky’s Nutcracker, where the girls take no nonsense and combine ballet with a couple of martial art moves.

Forget what “Santa” might be saying at the end, M & S has brought us our favourite little Peruvian bear this year and  has put him in a classic Paddington adventure.

The geniuses at IRN-BRU looked to one of the iconic Christmas figures, Raymond Briggs’ Snowman for their Christmas advert. Whilst they might have kept the Aled Jones-esque tones, when you actually listen to the lyrics you’ll realise the boy is saying the snowman can’t have his IRN-BRU and as soon as the snowman does take it, the boy falls to the floor. No IRN-BRU, no flying.

What makes your Christmas? For us, food makes up a large part (naturally) and Waitrose’s Christmas ad asking the same question, has us running to the cheese and cracker aisle faster than you can say cranberry Wensleydale.

Arguably the start of the big Christmas adverts, John Lewis gave us The Long Wait back in 2011. Showing us that the feeling of buying and giving a great present is just as good, if not better, than receiving something and they managed to melt our cold, icy hearts at the same time.

Holidays are coming, holidays are coming…. and now try to get through the rest of the day without that song stuck in your head. It’s a classic.

Brought out to mark the 160th anniversary of Burberry, this epic short showed Thomas Burberry’s life and starred an A-List cast of Domhnall Gleeson, Sienna Miller, Lily James, and Dominic West. Now we would like the full length film please.

If Sparkle the dog hadn’t fallen down the man hole then Rosie Huntington Whiteley, would have never found M &S’s fairytale, where David Gandy stars as the Mad Hatter, Aladdin and the Scarecrow and Helena Bonham Carter makes an appearance as the Wicked Witch of the West.

A divisive advert in The Handbook HQ, in 2014, Sainsburys marked the centenary of WW1 with their Christmas advert showing the Christmas truce between the troops. Look past the commercialisation and the message about sharing is one that we can all be reminded of.

Kevin the Carrot is back for 2017 and this year he isn’t hyperventilating over the John Lewis advert, rather he has fallen in love. On board the Midnight Express train (a nod to the Murder on the Orient Express perhaps?), Kevin faces a trials and tribulations to reach his carrot girlfriend. It’s silly, fun and rather cute.

Instantly recognisable as being directed by Wes Anderson, H + M’s 2016 advert starred Adrien Brody as a train conductor on board a train that is delayed by 11.5 hours. For the delayed guests, Ralph (Adrien Brody) and his porter Fritz serve ‘a small, complimentary Christmas brunch, including chocolate flavoured hot beverage with whipped topping’ and manage to turn one cabin into a winter wonderland complete with homemade paper snowflakes and a Christmas tree. It’s the only time we’d actually want our train to be delayed.

And if you haven’t seen Moz the Monster yet, here it is:

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