Christmas Cabaret At The Bloomsbury Ballroom

By Fenella Tobey |
23rd November 2017

A winter spectacular is heading our way. Dancing limbs, flying ribbons, acrobatics, and a whole lot more.

The London Cabaret is setting up camp in the Bloomsbury Ballroom, and you can join them. Venture into the immersive world of the Candy Cane Forrest. Tip and twirl between the fir trees clutching a Christmas cocktail in one hand and the arm of a companion in the other.

On 1st December the fun begins, nights of decadent dining and performances that will have your tummies jumping and your hands grasping the underside of your chairs.

The event boasts of three separate spaces within the venue. We’ve already mentioned the Candy Cane Forest, but we neglected to inform you of the Milk and Cookies bar; for those that haven’t made up their minds and are still deciding if they are naughty or nice. Depending on your verdict you will either be gorging yourself on the freshly baked squidgyness of the cookies, or devouring one of the innovative nut milk cocktails.

Almond milk eggnog for you sir, or shall we just put a little pick me up in your hot chocolate?

As you enter the Rose room, the theme shifts off its teetering moral perch and morphs into a magical wonderland; snow dusted fir trees, and pastel garlands adorn the trees and form festoons. Mirrored baubles glint casting light and shadows across the room, as if the magic is almost tangible.

What’s that over there? No, it’s not your imagination, we swear. It’s another bar. You best grab yourself another drink before you head into the Ballroom. Here the magical creatures come to life and the Cabaret begins. There will be no escaping the festive feels, but if you do find yourself lost in the full sensory onslaught there are plenty of handy helpers and by that, we mean Elves to aid you on your immersive adventure.

(We bet if you bribe them with enough candy canes, might carry your cocktails for you too. Just a thought)

A Christmas Cabaret Open 6pm – 3am every Wednesday – Saturday in December 2017

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